About Us


The Ornament Depot Inc. is a family run business that includes Anita & Jack, Renee & Patrick, and Michael & Gretchen. What started out as making ornaments for the family, has grown into a full time family business.

We started over 30 years ago when we designed and made ornaments using salt dough. Over the years, we have tried to perfect a longer lasting ornament that will give many years of fond memories. We are now using polymer clay in place of salt dough. We are still making each ornament by hand, so each one is a unique and special ornament.

We have expanded our business to include Original Photo Letter Art. We travel extensively to photograph unique letters and letters that occur naturally in nature or architecture. There are no stocked photos in our collection. Each picture is taken by some member of the family. After editing them, we print them and offer them as either framed and matted photos or framed tiles. The tiles are a technique that we developed to give the pictures a canvas-like finish and hence, a different look to the product.

The Friendly Folks Cartoons is a whimsical presentation of special occasions, sports events, or family fun times. They are personalized as well